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Mission Action Plan (MAP)

The Parish Church of St Anne Woodplumpton

Five Year Plan 2013 – 2017




This five year plan was developed during Mission Action Plan meeting 2012.

It started as a wish list from member of the congregation who attended that meeting; which helped form the review of the last Mission Action Plan (MAP) which was developed in 2006. The priority assigned to the specific targets within this plan; arise directly from that MAP meeting; and are open to review at any time by the PCC; to enable this church to succeed in its plan of promoting faith within the Parish of Woodplumpton.

It is an attempt, first of all, to describe the kind of Parish team that we want to be. Each of these attributes that we want to foster is then worked out through practical measures which we will take together. We aim to use this plan as a guide for the future. It must be noted, however, that this plan is not written in stone…only on humble paper. We will, and must remain open to what else God wants to do among us through us. The PCC commend this five year plan to the Parish Church of St Anne Woodplumpton.


Our Aim:

We aim to be a praying church, that open’s doors, opens hearts and open’s minds of the local community.

Five year plan Index

The following document encompasses the following criteria:

  1. A Church with Open doors (‘Sowing’).                         
  2. A Church with Open hearts (‘Growing’).                       
  3. A Church with Open minds (‘Reaping’).                                                      
  4. SWOT analysis of the Parish.                                    

                                                        A Church with Open doors


We aim to be people who place prayer at the beginning, middle and end of all we accomplish together.

As ordinary people who have discovered the value of living a spiritual life, we are keenly aware of the power of prayer. Prayer is, for us, the threshold between the spiritual and physical worlds; the same threshold on which the church stands.

The feedback from our Mission Action Plan meeting (MAP) showed enthusiasm for the idea of prayer groups. There is already a well-established monthly house group, which meets successfully for prayer and companionship. There is also a mid-week Holy Communion Service which takes place; attended by a small but faithful group. Annually; there is held an Advent and Lent course in the evenings which has a reasonable attendance.

Clearly from the feedback at the MAP meeting, this diet of prayer opportunities is not meeting the needs of the Parish, and so we need to provide new opportunities.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Learning more about prayer and developing our communal spirituality.
  • Being outward looking; and developing intercessory prayer as a key element.
  • Opening St Anne Parish church as a place for unsupervised private prayer.


Specific targets:

Year One:  (2013) we aim to…….

  1. Promote regular prayer opportunities within the church and in the home environment.
  2. Hold an Intercessions workshop; and encourage individuals to lead intercessory prayer on Sundays.
  3. Support continuing evening prayer group; and encourage other home groups to be formed within the community.

Year Two and Three: (2014 -2015) we aim to…….

  1. Organise spirituality ‘quiet day’ for the parish.
  2. Starting other evening home groups (subject to demand).
  3. Develop healing services as regular feature of our parish life.

Year Four and Five:  (2016 - 2017) we aim to…….

  1. Organise a parish weekend, away from the parish, with prayer and study about Christian life high on the agenda.
  2. Review our practice of prayer around the parish, and make adjustments as necessary.



                                                          A Church with Open hearts


We aim to be open and discovering about God, and to learn from other perspectives than our own.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Developing lay leadership amongst our congregation.
  • The study of scripture which draws from a wide range of theological view-points.
  • Encouraging our Clergy, Readers and laity to develop resources and theological materials which may serve us and our wider church community


Specific targets:

Year One: in the first year (2013) we aim to…….

  1. Encourage wider collaborative working within the parish church.
  2. Provide a series of Advent and Lent talks which open minds and hearts to the possibilities of learning more about the things of God.
  3. Provide classes for adult and young people’s confirmation; and also train and develop leaders for these groups.
  4. Establish a fellowship and learning group for men (‘men’s club’); as a vision of evangelising men within the Parish.
  5. Establish a fellowship and learning group for women (mother’s union); as a vision for evangelising women within the Parish.

Year Two and Three: in the first year (2014 -2015) we aim to…….

  1. Identify and train suitable leaders for Bible study groups and other church led groups; based within local homes.
  2. Provide ‘seeker focused’ course – Alpha, Emmaus or Christianity Explored.
  3. Consider Christian parenting courses for young families.

Year Four and Five:  in the first year (2016 - 2017) we aim to…….

  1. Identify and train further leaders of House Groups (subject to demand).
  2. Review our progress as a visible sign of the kingdom, and make adjustments as appropriate.


A Church with Open minds


We aim to maintain our Church building as a strategic position within the Parish.

Our ancient church building is a visible sign of God’s presence within the heart of the Parish of Woodplumpton. Our priority when considering potential uses of our buildings is always to favour sacred over community space. However, our buildings are also assets we can employ in the task of practical service to our neighbours. We will weigh these issues carefully as options for the future use of our buildings unfold; but always with an eye towards our stated priority for sustaining the sacred space.


We commit ourselves to:

  • Promote better advertising of the Parish church and associated activities.
  • Recognising the importance of our buildings as a visible sign of the kingdom; and aware to providing support to the local community.
  • Developing graveyard protocols to supports this graveyard as a community asset.
  • To ensure that maintenance of our buildings is planned and monitored.
  • Ensuring the church is a safe place to worship.


Specific targets:

Year One: in the first year (2013) we aim to…….

  1. Improve our signage, website and general promotion of the services and buildings that we offer to the local community.
  2. Ensure as far as possible the church bell is rung before services, to remind people of our presence (Train others in this role).
  3. Encourage wider collaborative working within the church, and maintenance of the church grounds (organised work parties).
  4. Maintain and review protocols regarding Health and Safety and Safe from Harm ensuring safe practice within church worship (encourage others to be involved).

Year Two and Three: in the first year (2014 -2015) we aim to…….

  1. Develop new neighbour packs (Church advice) and implement visiting teams to new residents of Woodplumpton; especially within the planned redevelopment area.
  2. Review and update Church heating system.
  3. Develop collaborative roles within the church leadership, for example Baptism group leader, Marriage group leader, Pastoral visiting team leader, and also Parish administrator (to lead parish surgery).

Year Four and Five:  in the first year (2016 - 2017) we aim to…….

  1. Address and plan to rectify all outstanding building issues identified in the Quinquennial inspections.
  2. Review MAP and collaborative working strategies.



Mission vision

To be a seven day a week church which brings the love of Jesus to the community around us and which helps all to grow in the Christian faith.

The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the Parish of Woodplumpton.

Our Strengths:

  • A wonderful ancient parish church; one of much scenic beauty.
  • A small reliable cohort of members willing to get involved in hard work.
  • A wide variety of gifts and talents which are given to the church.
  • A variety of worship traditions; embracing a mix of musical styles.
  • A well organised and reliable children’s ministry (Sunday school).


Our weaknesses:

  • Our church membership has a high average age.
  • Few younger families. Over the years some new families have joined us for a short while, but have left in search of a church which provides more peer group contact opportunities for their young and teenage children.
  • Few members with the background or gifts needed for formal ministries.
  • Premises maintenance and repair – relies on the goodwill of the Fabrics representative (‘Limited volunteers keen to take on the role’) to monitor repairs.
  • Finances can be a problem; due to Parish Share requirements.

Our Opportunities:

  • Formation of a Mission community within the neighbouring Parishes.
  • Furtherance of our good links with schools.
  • Many residents of the parish have no clear faith, or church connection.
  • To build up further ministry to young families (Development of Messy Church).
  • Improvements of our fundraising and giving; especially through lay stewardship campaign to embrace the local community.
  • Whilst some church members are well grounded in their faith, others are new Christians; and there is a clear opportunity for nurturing through church groups.

The Threats:

  • Socio-economic standing; makes raising money for the church challenging.
  • Challenge of local evangelical churches, make it difficult to attract people.
  • Because of its traditional worship, St Anne’s has in the past attracted some who were looking for something they did not find. Some such people have, over the years, gone elsewhere and criticised our church, to the detriment of its reputation.
  • One could equally say that one of our opportunities is to mend those hurts; through welcoming and inviting the community to this church.

What we will do?

  • Build up and improve the quality and diversity of our worship. The priorities will be the quality and breadth of our music, our liturgy and our teaching.
  • Priorities will be our relationship with schools; families and young people. Looking at new and exciting nurture groups to grow Sunday school and family attendance.
  • Development of further new house groups (Emmaus and Alpha) that appeal to the different age groups of our community.
  • Encourage members in teamwork and development of their skills.
  • Run a stewardship campaign very three years; and regularly preach and teach on stewardship and the giving of money and talents.

Who will do all this?

Existing and new members; through the exercise of known gifts and talents; and through identifying and calling forth hidden ones. Adequate people resources will be a limiting factor but prayerfully we will do what we can with whom we have. If we work together and have faith we can achieve anything; but it just takes commitment.

What resources will all this require?

  1. We have sound but small premises with our Parish church and its associated hall.
  2. St Anne parish Church and Parish room is well equipped for music, sound, audio-visual presentations and a small kitchen for catering.
  3. However; we require additional commitment from our many church members.

How will our plan be monitored?

  1. Through the development of a five year Mission Action Plan (MAP).
  2. Space will be allocated at each PCC meeting within the Parish to review progress.
  3. A fuller more formal review will be made each year (Parish Conference).
  4. The plan will be re-written in four years from now, in 2016.



Signed:…B Whitley  ………………………………Date: 10 April 2013



Signed:……K Hartley ……………………………..Date: Date: 10 April 2013

Signed:……G Bailey……………………………………Date: Date: 10 April 2013

(Churchwardens on behalf of PCC