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At St Anne's we welcome enquiries about Baptisms from anyone in the Parish of Woodplumpton.  However, we insist that those wanting to be baptised or have a child baptised, attend church on Sunday mornings at 1030 am for several weeks before the baptism date can be arranged.  This is to emphaise the importance of the step which baptism represents.


Being baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the begining of the Christian life and makes a person a member of the church.  When a child is baptised; Godparents (including parents) make a public commitment to raise the child as a Christian within the family of the church.  This means they promise to teach the child the Christian faith and to impress upon the child the importance of attending worship.  Consequently, we expect all those enquiring about baptism for their child to have started attending church services before the baptism takes place so that they come to know something of the family of faith the child is being made a member.

As church attendance continues to decline nationally, people know less about the Christian faith and the significance of baptism.  Therefore, baptism is not necessarily about giving the child a name, as that is done when the child's birth is registered with the civil authority.  Baptism is about the Christian faith and Church membership, therefore parents and Godparents should think very carefully about their own faith and about the Solemn promises they will make at the child's baptism, before they go forward with planning the actual baptism itself.   Baptisms within St Anne's church take place on the first Sunday of the month; within the main Sunday Service at 10.30 am; and lasts about an hour.

Further information - please contact Eileen Dearnaley on 01772 691421 or email