Our Church

St Anne's is a beautiful grade II listed church that can trace it's history back to 11th century but more importantly we are a living, breathing church of Christians with hearts full for God. We believe in God the Father who created us, God the Son who saved us and God the Holy Spirit who is active in our lives today.

Jesus knows intimately what it means to be human, He knows the joys of friendships and family, He knows the lows of loss and pain. He knows our capacity to do amazing things and the potential for messiness in our lives.

God's desire for us is that we would grow in love for Him and for each other. That means that our whole life, our decisions, our thoughts, our deeds, our relationships all become oriented towards Him. 

We gather as a church to worship and praise the God who made us. We pray to God for those in need, for each other and for ourselves. We lift up those who are trampled down. We nurture and use the gifts He gave us for His Glory. And we witness to God's love in our lives.

If you are curious about Jesus, about God, about faith and would like to talk to someone, please do get in touch.

May God richly bless you and all those you hold dear.  

Rev'd Lois

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