Life Events:


When someone is baptised as a baby or a child, their parents and Godparents make the promises on their behalf.  That means the young child being baptised is too young to make the coherent decision; about becoming a Christian.  However, there comes a time when we are old enough to stand on our own two feet, and know our own minds, and have a real personal faith in God.


Therefore, Confirmation is a celebration of personal faith.  Those being Confirmed affirm their faith and the Bishop prays for each candidate in turn.  It is a special moment and lays down a faith marker: 'I turn to Christ.' In this context Confirmation is a special sacrament; that enables the experience of the Holy Spirit to come upon us; within our Christian journey.

Confirmation classes are held within the parish for young people and also adults; which prepares the candidates for the Confirmation Service.  These sessions are fun and enjoyable which consist of many activities, which allow the individuals to explore and develop their emerging faith within new spiritual discoveries; which make the Confirmation Service always a joyful experience within deepening our Christian faith.

Confirmation classes run every two years and the next one will be starting in May 2017.  Children should be a minimum age of 10.