Life Events:


If you are recently bereaved we do offer you our condolences, and hope that we may be able to offer you support and help at this time.  As a first step at the time of death you may have been in touch with a Funeral Director.  The Funeral Director should guide you and usually contact the church on your behalf to make arrangements for a funeral whether that is to be St Anne's Parish Church within Woodplumpton or at a local Crematorium.


You are of course welcome to get in touch with us anytime if you wish.  Under normal circumstances the Priest from St Anne's church ('or the Reader') can, at your request, be involved in a funeral for all who have lived or have died within the parish; or are on the electoral roll of the church.  At times we may be involved in the services and cremations for those outside the parish, but do regret that the residency requirement is strictly observed in respect of our ability to offer new graves to any who reside outside the parish.

Once a Funeral Director has notified us of the request for a funeral, or if you have contacted us directly; then a member of the clergy from St Anne's will arrange to meet you to discuss the service.  Each year in November we host an 'All Souls Service,' which is a special evening to which you are invited at which we light candles, and mention their name, and remember those who have died.  It is very fitting and comforting service, as we give thanks for the life of our loved ones.


Burials and Interments

The Churchyard is open for burials following a service in the church for residents of the parish, or for those being burried with their spouse who is already here.  The churchyard has a special garden for the interment of ashes and a short ceremony can be arranged to take place at any time following the service at a crematorium.  The Funeral Director may or may not be involved in making such arrangement for your interment of a relative.

Further information - Please contact  James Richardson Tele: 01772 690203